Friday, December 25, 2009


Mike and I must apologize we have not updated our blog with photos that we have taken of our adventures with our feathered friends. So as part of many new years resolutions we will do better to keep up the blog.


Gary Meyer said...

its about time ha! just kidding good to have you back Merry christmas and happy new year

dAwN said...

hey..just checkin in to see if you are doing well with your new years resolution to blog more...humm
where r u??

Mike and Lizette said...

Hi Dawn, We haven't been able to go out much yet, we do plan on it for sure, it's just been a little tough timing right about now.

Rob said...

Fun blog! I too enjoy bird photography. I'm uninspired to head out to the parks this winter. However, a friend of mine walks Coon Rapids Dam often and captured a number of hawks. I sure hope we have an early spring.

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